At this time, this template is designed for mainly Linux distributions. Thus, it uses many commands that are basically available on most Linux distributions (e.g. make, sed, tput...). Basically, with some few efforts this template can be used on another operating system (e.g. Windows and MacOS)... this is planed in future prospects (when I’ve got time!).

Mandatory pre-requires

Prior to use the pandoc-df-thesis-template the following applications must be available on your system:

Useful (recommanded) pre-requires

  • ImageMagick : for image conversion between the different target.
  • NPM : for complementary packages (eg. Bootstrap, JQuery, MathJax, svgo...) mainly to deal with the HTML target.
  • SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets): a style-sheet language to manage CSS for HTML target.

Optional pre-requires

  • Inkscape : to convert SVG image to other image format

    SVG is the recommanded input format for images/pictures of the dissertation contents. It will be then converted/optimized with respect to the considered output target.

  • Jekyll : for html multi
    • [Gem] / [Bundle]
  • [xsltproc] : for docbook/html chunk