Quick-Start Guide

For detailled instruction for the installation process and for the build process go to their corresponding pages.

  1. Install or check if the following pre-requires are available:
  2. Optionally look for the following packages:
    • Jekyll that is used to generate BUILD_HTML_FORMAT=htmlmulti (e.g. for web-publishing)
    • DocBook toolchains: to build document from DocBook this template use DocBook XSL and thus requires a XSLT (v1) processing tools, such as xsltproc.
    • SASS : to facilitate the writing of CSS for web-publications. Required if you want to compile CSS for html, epub and docbook target.
    • SVGO: SVG optimizer for images web-publications.
    • Bootstrap: Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.
  3. Clone the repository on Github in the proper place on your machine, e.g.:

    $ git clone https://github.com/dfolio/pandoc-df-thesis-template.git

    Or alternatively you can download the compressed ZIP archive or TAR archive of the repository, and extract it on the proper place.

  4. Edit the Makefile (optional), and the _data/variables.yml (advised).

    Note: the basis metadata (title, authors, etc.) are defined in _data/variables.yml!

  5. Once you have written some elements in the source files directory: _md/, with your preferred markdown editor (e.g. Atom (recommended), Sublime…), from the root repository just try running:

    $ make <target>

    where <target> is one of the above output dialect (i.e. pdf, html, epub…)

    $ make help

    This command simply provides some help on the other targets.

Running the Makefile

Basically, most packages are automatically installed in the local folder with the appropriate package manager. Namely, npm (or yarn)for the JavaScript Node.js packages; and bundle for the Ruby packages (e.g. for HTML-multi build with Jekyll).

However, the main dependencies should be installed manually. Specifically: the LaTeX distribution, Pandoc, PP

You can check your installation by running: make _check_programs, and check if there are any “Not Found” message.

For any troubleshooting read, and eventually create an issue on pandoc-df-thesis-template GitHub repository.